The album is out now!

Our first album „The Life“ is released after approximately 8 ages of work, persistence and creative endeavors. We've contributed with 11 tracks, originating in diverse genres and arrangements. All songs on the album are, for many suptile reasons, instrumentals, and each song has a background story of it's own. Album „The Life“ has been attempted with studio recording for three times, and some of the songs originate even 8 years before it's final release in October 2017. 
‘The Life’ is a marvelous production that is unblemished robust with musical prowess. The album introduces a diverse range of sounds that both complement and contrast each other. Each performance on the album offers a rare quality that is not often seen. If you appreciate the sounds of orchestra music, electronic music and progressive rock, you will enjoy the sounds of Through Infinity. As the band’s name suggests,Through Infinity’s music is poised to transcend time. -- Review by Glitter & Stilletos