Reviews & Interviews

"Love Music" posted ten top subject questions to Josip Pesut, guitarist and founder of Through Infinity. It also tells a bit about Josip's mindset towards music career and expectations from Through Infinity. The bands plans and ideas, and their current work in progress...

Freelance music journalist Alex Faulkner gave our single "Shine" 8.9 out of 10 points.

Through Infinity single "Shine" got a decent review by Act/One magazine. They heard elements of Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Johnson and Pink Floyd in the song, which is quite a praise. 

Through Infinity debut album "The Life" has received words of praise by Warlock Asylum International News. Just the title "Through Infinity Creates Musical History With Their Debut Album – The Life" says a lot about their valued opinion. 

Our keyboardist and producer Tomo Bacurin got interviewed by They were discussing sound production topics and relations with his clients in that business.

Our single "Shine" has been reviewed by Skope online magazine.

We were fortunate enough to get our "The Life" album reviewed by a respected music magazine TunedLoud!. They managed to get our message right, and we can only image how difficult it is to review such an almost no-genre band like Through Infinity. We'll also be in the February 2018 printed release edition, so make sure you follow up on TunedLoud! magazine website.

We got our album "The Life" reviewed by a French online magazine Iggy. For what we see is they enjoy the music made by band trying to make something out of modern music boundries. 

Our debut album "The Life" got reviewed by an enthusiast of music and fashion. It's a wonderful, juicy review we're inspired to share, and we'd like to express our gratitude towards the online magazine "Glitter & Stilletos"! The magazine covered each track individually in a lot of details. 

Besides, this is the first official review of Through Infinity releases, so it makes it quite special to us!