It was 2010, when the "Supertalent" show, a Croatian edition of "Got Talent" show, intrigued me and I applied to participate in it.

I've met Klaas Backers of Glowball Films ( in Belgium, on the wedding of Antony Reynaert. It's not everyday that you end up meeting someone so excited about making movies, videos and commercials.

I've been a student of Tom Hess Music Corporation for several years, learning about making a music career. I've met so many aspiring musicians, music teachers, entrepreneurs and as much more great, positive thinking people through their forum it's incredible. Once a year that online school provides it's students a Hessfest event, which is like a serie of masterclasses and performances featured in Europe and USA. I believe it was 2009 in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany, where I attended one of Hessfests, and met Antony Reynaert - amazing blues guitarist and music school owner from Oostend, Belgium. We remained close friends ever since. 

One day, right before mastering the album, I was walking around my house, and one of my mom's paintings caught my eyes' attention.