I've been a huge melodic psytrance fan from the beginning and if we talk about the best of it in modern days, you have to mention Static Movement. Static Movement is made up by Isreali trance master Shahar Shtrikman.

If there's an American prog rock band originating from 80's that I'd like to point out as mesmerizing, inspiring and life changing, it would be Toto.

Nobuo Uematsu takes credit for composition of all the tracks featured on both the the FF 7 and FF 8 OST, and that's the OST which played a major influence on my music taste and songwriting direction. 

If there's a video game OST that has melodies still ringing in my ear, years after I last time heard them it's Pharaoh. Henry Beckett and Keith Zizza composed this masterpiece of tunes bringing you straight into realms of ancient Egypt.

KoRn is an epic new metal band, and you'll hardly find some metalhead who doesn't know and love them. They're full of groovy riffs, melodic vocal lines, memorable choruses, funky chords and touching lyrics.

We don't have so many living legends today, but Max Cavalera definitely is one of them. He's been my inspiration ever since I started to listen to metal music. Sepultura is the iconic metal band, and Soulfly is absolutely the same and I'm a big fan of both.

Chuck Schuldiner is a legendary guitarist and songwriter which influenced my guitar playing, songwriting and composing style the most. He is a pioneer of melodic death metal, as he wrote numerous songs, riffs and melodies for his bands Death and Control Denied.

Heroes of Might and Magic III is the game with an epic OST. It's a masterpiece by Paul Romero and Rob King, published way back in 1999. Basically, the game is filled with so many beautiful themes and sounds it makes you play it, sometimes just because of music.

Suikoden and Suikoden 2 are the games which take a big part of my childhood memory. There is something special in that story, in those characters and their relationships, and there's something special about the music.