With announcement of some positive changes in Longplay Studio, where we're always more than happy with our sound, we move towards new dimensions of delivering quality.

These days we're on track to work on our new material and we're always looking for a better, more modern sound. So is Tomo, and he's looking for a way to constantly improve technical capabilites of his studio equipment.

Through Infinity producer and keyboardist Tomo Bacurin "Diamond" has been a studio enthusiast from his teenage days. As he says "If I'd been paid 3 bucks for every hour I've put into experimenting with my studio and rearranging it, I'd be a millionaire!". His Longplay Studio is commercially functional for more than a decade. Many wonderful songs were written there, many hit singles produced and in general, a lot of good music has been made. 

On the other hand, Through Infinity's looking for a huge recording room where they can record and film some material. So, Tomo and Josip went to Slovenia, Novo Mesto, to pay a visit to regionally renowned RSL Production Audio Studio. 

Equipped with 3 recording booths, 3 control rooms with top notch consoles and monitoring, and a live recording room of 144 m2, it's one of the largest studios in south-eastern Europe. 

We're excited to have their enormous potential at our hand, so we can give our fans the most. 

A lot of amazing recordings and videos can be expected through the year 2018...