Through Infinity has released the first music video, for an instrumental single "Shine"!

Video has been filmed during autumn and winter of 2017, in two locations. The video is a black and white display of band performance with highlights on the ballerina dancer Amina Sulejmanagic, being the only colored character on the video, while wearing a blue silky dress. The theme of the single is to shine with your talents in artistic way.

The band scenes were filmed in Alpha film studio, Zagreb, Croatia, by a young perspective team of people. Ballerina scenes were filmed by ZAP Produkcija, from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. They've also edited, post-produced and finalized the video. 

Music video produced by ZAP Produkcija, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina ( 
Executive producer - Amer Brkan. Image direction, editing and post production by ZAP Produkcija. 
Band scenes recorded by Marko Lovric & Ines Monika Tancheva in Alpha Film Studio, Adamovec, Croatia. 
Starring ballet dancer; Amina Sulejmanagic.

Through Infinity on the video; 
Josip Pesut - guitar 
Tomislav Lackovic - bass 
Tomo Bacurin - keyboards 
Damir Somen - drums 

Song "Shine" was written by Josip Pesut, recorded and produced in Longplay Studio, Zagreb. 
Published on Through Infinity "The Life" album, 2017, by Music Through Infinity.

Making of the video