Our drummer, has been a permanent member of Songkillers, which backed up late Croatian funk legend Dino Dvornik. He played with Dino for years, as they've toured all over the world and released several iconic albums.

Still today, Damir holds memories of Dino close to his heart, as he often paraphrases stories of experiences he had during life with him. As he said, those were crazy times of true freedom, and everyday Dino gave us unimaginable funny and funky situations. Singers are often eccentric and have a wild lifestyle, but Dino has been among the ones which made your life worth living for that matter.

Yesterday, on 10th of March, he performed in a tribute band, which held a concert in a oversold Metropolis club in Zagreb. The band consisted of Damir Somen on drums, Dino Premelc on sax, Alen Svetopetric on bass, Jurica Leikauff on keyboards, Bruno Kovacic on guitars and Nikola Marjanovic on vocals. That formation of a band really kicked ass, as they're among the best session musicians in Croatia in general. They had special guests also, popular singers such as Ivana Kindl, Mario Huljev and Baotic. 

Their performance was effortless and would make Dino proud of bands renditions. The audience was glad to hear the old hits, as they went frenzy towards the end of the show. It really was a night to remember.  The funniest part was what Damir admitted at the end, when asked in the backstage, that they didn't have even one rehearsal. Now, that's professionalism at it's best. If you're a fan of Dino Dvornik, or you simply love funk music, make sure you appear on the show those guys make!