After long time of searching for a singer, Through Infinity announces a renowned all around singer Mario Huljev joining their rows to boost the songs with his majestic, unique voice.

Mario has been on the scene for over a decade, meanwhile releasing three studio albums. His songs are being aired on national and regional radio stations all the time, which makes his involvement in Through Infinity a specific event.

Read further in article for more about how Mario got into the story, what to expect from him in the short notice and what are the long term plans...

Josip Pesut, a member of the band which wrote most of the songs said; "Ever since I wrote the songs we've released so far, and the ones we intent to release, I had a powerful, raspy, yet soulful and memorable voice in my mind. But finding the singer who's available and willing to contribute to our music was always incredibly difficult. Many studio auditions were made and, in general, many singers have passed through Longplay Studio during the long period of recording the first album "The Life". There just hasn't been the one who's perfect for the task. I was talking about it with Damir Somen, as we were working on songs, and he said that he's been playing with all sorts of singers, but the one of the few he'd recommend would be Mario Huljev. Damir was performing on a Dino Dvornik tribute event in Zagreb, and I went to see the show. Mario was one of the singer guest, and I just happened to come in while he was singing. The amount of energy in his voice, and the personality felt in it was jaw dropping. I just knew that guy was the one. After the show I got into the backstage and shared a few words with him, and he was glad to participate in our story to give it a shot in the studio."

By the pure accident, Mario began playing with Tomislav Lackovic in one of their bands. After the rehearsals they came to the studio, just to see how he likes our music and our plans on what we want to do with vocals on it. He was thrilled by the songs and lyrics, and was happy to start recording as soon as possible. 

Before the new material hits the turn, Mario will give his valued voice on several songs already published as instrumentals. Songs "Eliza", "The Life" and "Sight Of An Eagle" are the first ones to be given this wonderful voice, so stay tuned for more! In the meantime, you can take a listen to Mario's singles!