An animated video for an instrumental song "Aural Spectrum" got released! It's a story with a fictional protagonist and Through Infinity band is taking a special place in the story.

Josip explained how the video got together; "One day I was looking at what the video animators do these days, and then I came across these cool looking animations with funny and narrative characters in them. Raghnall Tuathai was the producer and I couldn't resist stepping in touch. I've sent a song Aural Spectrum to him and asked him what could he do with video wise. The next thing I knew, he was thrilled by the song and had the whole storyline and script in place. He got inspired and wanted to work on it as soon as possible. That's spirit in people I love! I liked his script and we immediately got to work! I never even thought we'd ever be in animated video..." 

We're still considering making this a storyline in pieces, which would make "Aural Spectrum" just a part of the whole story, which would continue through some other videos. The idea seems appealing, but who knows!

Animated music video by Raghnall Tuathai (

All characters except the band are fictional and unrelated to any real or fabricated persons.

Aural Spectrum was recorded in Longplay Studio, Zagreb.

Published on "The Life" album, 2017, by Music Through Infinity. Digital Distribution by Longplay Digital.