We are extraordinarily happy to have finished recording vocal and backing vocal lines for songs "Eliza", "Sight Of An Eagle" and "The Life"!

From the day Mario Huljev entered the studio as a lead vocalist, the sound of Through Infinity dramatically improved, and the creative vision got a totally different direction. The proof of that statement is the desire to remake several songs released on "The Life" album. We chose to make vocal versions of our three singles and reissue them later, on a new compilation of rearranged song editions. 

These days we took our time in the studio, to work with the best backing vocalists around - Jadranka Kristof and Dragan Brnas Fudo. They laid out amazing vocal lines which fill up the arrangement and surround Huljev's voice with additional warmth and harmony. Aside from being a finishing touch on our rearrangements, they are extremely creative vocal duo, which boosts songs in multiple ways.

We're excited to hear what our songs end up sounding like after they get mixed with new vocals on them...