Music video for a vocal version of "Eliza" has been filmed in Longplay Studio.

We decided to make a simple music video, where our singer, Mario Huljev, simply performs in a cozy, intimate ambience of Tomo Bacurin's Longplay Studio. That studio is where most of our ideas originated in, and where all of them came together. We've spent countless hours there, so we're really connected to the place, and that's the reason it's a home to a touching and heart-warming song like Eliza.

The filming crew is a team of young, talented and aspiring video enthusiasts, led by Bernard Kumic Berny, who is proven in different fields of TV and digital media. We are glad to work with people excited and professional on what they're doing, and we expect only the best to come out of this filming session.

The release of a music video is scheduled for late April.