Guitarists Josip Pesut and Antony Reynaert had a masterclass meeting in Oostende, Belgium, to define ways to progress with songwriting and providing more guitar instructional articles for fans on Through Infinity website. 

Antony founded and still successfully runs exceptional guitar schools in Belgium, branded under Casa Da Musica. The schools are located in Oostende, Gent, Kortrijk and Antwerpen, and are profiled for guitar students of almost any age and skill level. Over the last several years the school grew exponentially and brought up many guitarists, as well as developed a vigorous community of guitar playing enthusiasts. Josip went to the school to hold a masterclass many times and received a good feedback of fellow students. That led towards the need to provide more to them, in forms of articles, Q&A's, videos, etc.

This time Josip and Antony came together with the schools guitar teachers, to talk about bringing more quality to the table. Also, hot guitar technique topics were asked to be dealt with approachable solutions. Both guitarists are expected to deliver valuable guitar playing articles through the year on Through Infinity website, so, if you're a guitarist looking to get your playing on a new level, make sure to follow up on the news in music instructions section!