We're proud to have our debut music video for an instrumental guitar driven track "Shine" hit one million Youtube views!

The video has been published on February 11th, 2018, and we've put a lot of work in putting our name out there with it. There were dozen of music portals reviewing the video and there were many other ways we've promoted it. The thought of two million eyes have a look at our work is mesmerizing and it's giving us the will to keep working, creating and pushing the limits further.

To remind the readers, "Shine" is the ninth track on our debut album "The Life", and it's one of the first songs Josip Pesut ever wrote. It got re-recorded at least 4 times with 3 different teams of musicians, but it waited for about 8 years for the right band to come together and make it happen for real. The song features memorable guitar phrases synchronized with electronic synth passes, as the backbone of the band, Tomislav Lackovic on the bass and Damir Somen on drums, hold firm and associated groove. 

The video got recorded on two locations with two different teams working on it.  It got produced by ZAP Produkcija, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Executive producer was regionally renowned Amer Brkan. Image direction, editing and post production by ZAP Produkcija. Band scenes were recorded by Marko Lovric & Ines Monika Tancheva in Alpha Film Studio, Adamovec, Croatia. The starring ballet dancer was Amina Sulejmanagic. 

We'd like to thank our first fans for hyping their friends and families with Through Infinity, and we can't wait to deliver more for them...

Our plans are ever-expanding and we hope to deliver much more during the year, which we'll announce on our news during the time, so, stay tuned!