Longplay Studio, owned by our keyboardist and producer Tomo Bacurin "Diamond", is now equipped with a brand new SSL AWS 924 Delta console, which allows Through Infinity to put it's releases in the most modern mixing environment.

Always searching for top notch quality, Diamond decided to make a major studio turnover and obtain the unique tone of SSL console in the future mixes, specially developed in Oxford, England, for his specific needs. We expect a huge difference in sound and mix, and we expect it to be easier to achieve what we want to hear. Through Infinity plans to release over 30 songs (of which most are already recorded) within the following year period, and the new console will put the gear up in production. 

This purchase made Longplay Studio, located in Zagreb area, the only commercial studio with that console in the region, approving the world-class direction the studio aims to take. The reviews of "The Life" album often mentioned how good and ambitious the production was, acknowledging the immense amount of work-hours put into accumulation of Diamond's vast experience. Therefore, SSL AWS 924 Delta should remove all technical barriers to reach the sound the band was always looking for.

Diamond says it's been his childhood dream to have a console of that level in his studio, and now it's time to make big things happen, right from the heart of where the whole story began - in Longplay Studio.