We're excited with having completed filming of "Sight Of An Eagle" music video on extravagant locations in Croatian natural park South Velebit. We chose the most epic places in canyon of a river Zrmanja and mountain top Tulove Grede, where the famous western movie "Old Shatterhand" has been shot.

The team of 15 people has given their best to make it happen. We had only one day to make preparations and film all the scenes we've set out to. Weather played a huge factor, and it played with us a lot. In the morning we got worried because it got too windy to make anything, especially with a drone. So, we followed up on what it left us by switching locations as each several miles gives you different weather. The incredibly looking canyon of Zrmanja has been a place where we thought we'd start with, but we had to go to the church of saint Frane to catch up beautiful roman architecture, ideally suiting Đuli with her flute performance. One place gave us a good look on the mountain top, Tulove Grede, where we gave it a go, but the heavy rain made us pack our stuff right when we were finished.

It's unbelievable how fast the clouds move above Velebit... They are like steamy race cars chasing to be the first on the vast aerial lanes spreading across Lika and Adriatic, with each cloud giving you his specific atmosphere and therefore, weather conditions. The next thing we did was getting on the plateau below the mountain top and wait for the rain to stop. Fortunately enough, we didn't have to wait for too long. Half an hour later, we got back on track with filming. This time, we had a meadow decorated with white rocks at our disposal. When you're there live, you can be sure that scenery will never leave your head. Some fellow mountaineers and hikers got there as we were filming and gave us thumbs up, also!

The day has ended ideally, by returning to, now much calmer, Zrmanja river, and do the shots of Josip's solo performance. This canyon is a place the video producer Danilo Caković calls a "million dollar location". The confirmation of that theory is the fact that even Hollywood chose it to film the film "Old Shatterhand", about the Native Indian Winnetou. We're super excited about the results of this session, and can't wait to get a view of the finished "Sight Of An Eagle" music video.