Our drummer, Damir Šomen, has a long lasting endorsement deal with one of the largest music equipment stores in Croatia, and maybe region - musicshop.hr.

Damir is a proven professional in his field, recognized and approved among the circle of whole regional music industry. Through his career he had countless concerts, studio recording deals, music video and TV appearances, and has done many other things which rightfully put him in the place he is today. The company Euromusic Agency doo, standing behind the brand musicshop.hr, made an endorsement deal with Damir for several years now, which is a no-brainer win win situation. 

Through Infinity is a band yet to be discovered, and good news like this one are a sign we're serious about what we do, while also having an experience to be capable of laying out the creative ideas running through our heads, in all segments of our growth, even the technical one.