Our guitarist Josip Pesut has been on the Beach Break Festival, held in Fonte da Telha, Portugal.
It’s a semi-closed type of a festival, organised by Chris Blaze and his wife Anna Kristin, for all the performers they know to network and get to know each other. If you followed up on Through Infinity news, you know Chris from fire acrobatic performance he’s done for the video in making of our song “Feel The Life”. 
So, Josip wanted to pass his experience of the festival to fans and colleagues, who might potential visit it the next year. There are several amazing things about this festival, which are there by default. The first one is incredible location it’s being held on. Fonta da Telha is a coastal village just a bit south of Lisbon. The beach is about 30 kms long and it spreads from Lisbon all the way to Setubal. Vast sandy beach, where the surfers’ waves crash are only an introduction to the unforgettable Portuguese sunsets. When you set your foot on the ground, you feel like you’re home, no matter where you come from. Then it’s the most pleasant and easygoing local people and staff, who show friendliness and welcome you in every possible way. After all of that comes the festival itself, which is something you can’t get ahold of every day.
While staying there for mere 4 days, Josip met all sorts of musicians, performers, actors and has gained not only acquaintances, but friends. When you’re full of ideas and you need the right people to get things going, this sort of meetings is perfect to expand your circle of partners. 
The first day everyone met, had a dinner and a few drinks. You can feel the warmth and the happiness of the participants as soon as you enter the room. It’s people living from their talent, they’re honest to themselves and to others, in a way most people cannot achieve to be. We got connected with fascinating circus acts like Matthias Goed from New Zealand and Simone Riccio from Italy, talented Italian blues Canole brothers, a French didgeridoo player Chopin, among many others, and we strengthened the relationship with ambitious Chris Blaze, who’s looking to expand the festival over the years and we definitely want to be a part of it. It may be thought of as a weekend vacation, or as a business trip, but in general it’s an opportunity worth taking, if you’re in desire to evolve your creative potential by sharing the experience with likeminded people.
The second day every act had his performance. The idea is for everyone to perform for each other, as everyone gets so busy over the season and they never get to see their shows. Honestly, it’s a special feeling to witness so many different talent going on. From juggling the cigarette out of attendants mouth to one man blues show and all the way to the outstanding fire acrobatic dances of the one and only Chris Blaze. On the third day everybody improvised by doing a show together, rather than separated. Now that was something special. What gave it even better feeling was dozen of kids seeing all of that for their first time in their lives, as there was a children birthday party going on in the same venue. You can only imagine what you’d feel like if you had an opportunity to see so many special performances as a kid. 
Nevertheless, Josip also got a lot of inspiration from the dreamlike ocean landscapes, where the Sun changes all the nuances of red, and the historic Lisbon city, full of authentic details waiting to surprise you just when you think you’ve seen it all. Maybe this journey is just a good vacation with people in the similar business, but maybe it’s a lifechanging event giving out so much both to those attending and to those who’ll listen and watch the result of such an inspirational environment. Only time will give the answer to such dilemmas…