Yesterday we filmed our guitarist Josip Pesut in the forest of his home area, for "The Life" music video.

To continue the good approach towards making the music video fitting the orchestral and dynamic single "The Life" we started with the amazing fire ninja Chris Blaze, we did a filming session with Josip. He chose the location; the forest he almost grew up in, Turopoljski Lug. The forest is known in the region, in the forestry industry for the quality still oak timber, and in the history as the old Roman road passes through it. That road once used to connect ancient Roman cities Andautonia, now an archeological site in a village Scitarjevo, and Siscia which is the old town of today's Sisak. We chose to film close to the stone arch monument, looking epic in the middle of forest and right on the road. The autumn atmosphere gives an extra something to the site as the wind blows falling leaves around the scene. The arch was built in 1779 as a wooden monument to the old road. A heavy storm happened and it broke it on the day 25th of July, 1914. The same day the atrocious First World War began.

Josip is glad to portray the beauty of his homeland in the video he holds close to his heart, and we can't wait to go through with finishing the filming sessions for a new video we expect so much of. The production team is the same of "The Sight Of An Eagle" music video, which is a promising fact.