Josip's guitar playing articles

Years, years back I had a hassle with learning the notes on guitar. It was difficult, as anything with music theory is in the beginnings, so I developed a mini game to help myself. Later on, I used this game to help my students while I was teaching guitar, and it allowed some improvement!

This is continuation of article explaining how to get to using complex chord through mere practice. In past article, I explained how I look at chord progressions and melody lines. Now we're going a bit deep in that subject.

This article explains how I began to use more complex and harmonious chords, instead of simple major and minor ones.

This article originated years ago, as I've been experimenting with Frank Gambale's way of doing economy picking.

This article is about a pretty unique scale, which may take you to a special colored music pieces. Joe Satriani was my main influence on this. His song "Ghosts" has very interesting ways of implementing such a specific scale into a jaw-dropping song. Our song "Godly Energy" was born out of it, so, it's something you definitely need to learn!

This is one of articles I wrote as a teenager, often jamming with a band. As we were looking out to make some good music, I was thinking a lot about how to make the most use of our rehearsals. So, here are some of ideas to help you get on track to achieve more productive band rehearsals!