I've been a student of Tom Hess Music Corporation for several years, learning about making a music career. I've met so many aspiring musicians, music teachers, entrepreneurs and as much more great, positive thinking people through their forum it's incredible. Once a year that online school provides it's students a Hessfest event, which is like a serie of masterclasses and performances featured in Europe and USA. I believe it was 2009 in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany, where I attended one of Hessfests, and met Antony Reynaert - amazing blues guitarist and music school owner from Oostend, Belgium. We remained close friends ever since. 

I went to Belgium and had fun with him and his family more than several times, as well as held guitar masterclasses for his students. I've also been to his wedding with Liesbeth, which was one of the most heart-touching weddings in my life. In December, 2016 I got a call from him, all happy and excited, because he got a baby girl. They named her Eliza. 

He said I should come over and pay a visit to her, and so I did in January. That's the beginning of this wonderful experience... 

They welcomed me warmly with a dinner in their place, and when I saw Eliza, I knew that baby will be special. She was always calm, expressing smiles anytime you'd look at her. Antony always has a bunch of guitars around, so we took them and jammed for a bit. We got inspired and wrote some cool melodies which we recorded on the phone. It was like; "This is cool! Maybe we could do something with this someday?"

Later on we had a lot of fun in Oostend, and the next day we went to Gent, where I held a masterclass in his music school; Casa Da Musica. We went out for a dinner with his students, and some of them remained with us to go out for a bit of partying. It was an amazing night.



I went home with some great memories and some great ideas recorded on my cell phone. It was just about time we were finishing the recording process of "The Life" album. 

Few months later, Antony called to say he'd like to come over to Croatia and have his first visit to my country. I was more than excited about that idea. He had several days off his schedule for such a vacation, and I had to make sure he makes use of it! There's not so much to see in Zagreb during rainy days of spring, which didn't go to my advantage, so I had musical thoughts running through my head and I asked Antony if he'd be into recording a song for Eliza. We had a bunch of ideas for it recorded from before. "That's a great idea!" he answered. "I'll also have an extra surprise for Liesbeth when I get home, she won't be so angry I left for a few days without her haha".

And so it was... I quickly booked a few days in Tomo's Longplay Studio. First I recorded an all-acoustic demo for the song, which Antony approved. Then Antony landed on the airport and it was a start of this extraordinary sentimental song. The first day on Monday Damir Somen recorded drums. On Tuesday Laci recorded bass. The next day we recorded guitars and on the fourth day Tomo recorded a bunch of amazing keyboard tracks. The song was left for mixing and mastering, but we managed to pull it off!

We also managed to have a lot of fun around and in the city of Zagreb. 

Liesbeth was really happy when he got home with a song dedicated to their daughter.

Now that's the best of music you can get...