I've met Klaas Backers of Glowball Films (www.glowballfilms.be) in Belgium, on the wedding of Antony Reynaert. It's not everyday that you end up meeting someone so excited about making movies, videos and commercials. We talked for hours and we exchanged our phone numbers. I really liked Klaas, as he's always positive on creating new things with videos. If you live in Oostend, don't get surprised you see him running around the city or beaches with his camera setup!

In summer, 2017, we decided to get on with making our first music videos. As we recorded a song "Eliza" with our dear friend Antony, we asked him if he'd be into making a music video of some kind for the song. We didn't have much of ideas as of yet, but who'd say this would be a beginning of not just one, but two music videos.

After weeks of thinking about where to start and what to do with the video, we decided to make a love/life story. Antony wanted Eliza in the video, and I thought about having him and his wife Liesbeth also, as they're the most idyllic couple I've ever met. They were more than happy to be a part of this, and it was just about hitting the right time to film because most of the scenes were outdoors, in the city, on the beach and everywhere in and out of Oostend, Belgium. 

We set the filming dates in August, since everyone managed to fix the session in their schedules, and the weather was said to be good. We still had a lot of preparations and things to arrange before we could do anything for real. So, we worked on our scripts. Klaas came in with a great storyline of a couple catching up together through dogs, and ending up having a baby. It was pretty inspirational, and it got us writing and work around it. It ended up perfect, but it was too uplifting for "Eliza" song, and the next thing that clicked to me was "Why wouldn't we make two videos, continuing one another?". "Our Feeling" was a song with perfect vibe for the script Klaas sent me, and I worked on "Eliza" script. 

Few months back I bought a film camera from a friend who was moving away, so he didn't need it anymore - Red One MX. I immediately took it to the service guy who did a little refurbishing, and it was ready for action!

I sat in my Volvo and began my trip from Croatia to Belgium. 18 hours of road trip was pretty ambitious, but I made it safely. 

So, we had 4 days to film all the cutscenes for 2 music videos, together lasting almost 8 minutes. "Now that's more ambitious than my road trip!", I thought... 

The weather in Belgium can be quite puzzling. In the morning it was breezy and cloudy, sometimes even rainy and on the noon it was sunny plus 18 degrees Celsius. The evenings were pouring rain and chilling cold. We had to be pretty economic with our filming schedule and location decisions. 

"Our Feeling" required Antony to look younger in the script. He had to shave his beard to make this happen, so we filmed the scenes for that video after we did the ones for "Eliza", where he's looking a bit older.  Also, for "Our Feeling" we needed trained dogs, and it was a circumstance of accidents that Klaas had a friends who pets and rents two exactly same, male and female Bovier des Flandres. Even more, they were of a good will and were up to stay with us for a whole day, so we managed to film all the scenes with them!

Through the script, the couple met each other because their dogs hooked up first. Later on in the story, he had to go to the army and leave her. But he came back 2 years later, to hug her right at the sand sculptures of dogs, where she got all emotional and sentimental, remembering how they met. This scene was possible thanks to Disney Sandmagic, which exhibited the serie of sand sculpture characters from their most popular cartoons. We asked them if we could make a few scenes and they were more than happy to let us do it. Big thanks to Disney!

Unbelievable enough, everything that could happen during those 4 days, has happened in our favor, and we managed to film absolutely everything we needed. We also had a lot of fun doing it! It was pretty exciting for the people of Oostend, as they gathered around us for a few times, interested about what we're filming. 

I left Belgium with my heard pounding as I was really excited about the whole thing. It took me 13 hours of almost straight driving from Oostend to Zagreb, but I didn't feel one kilometer of it. I knew we had something special going on.

Few months later, after Klaas put his effort into editing and post-production, we had those two videos realized. For us, they aren't just two music videos, they're a proof that you can create everything you imagine and set out to, and they're a proof that good friendships bring out beautiful things and memories, just as the ones we have in the making of those videos....


Our Feeling

Our Feeling - work script

Looking on the alarm clock and it shows 7 am, so it’s time to get up! Liesbeth is taking it quite hard, though, twisting and yawning on her bed. Her dog jumps on it and whoa, she’s much happier now! She plays a bit and cuddles with her dog and manages to step on her feet. Step by step she’s going down to the kitchen to grab something to drink, and maybe a bowl of cereals. The doggy just won’t let her eat in peace, it also wants something to put in her mouth! She throws a bit of food and smiles as if she knows she’ll have a really good day.

It’s Sunday, so no worries, she has a time to walk around the city and perhaps go to the beach, take her dog for a walk. She opens her front door and her dog runs out, happy to go outside, get some fresh air and enjoy the freedom of space. Sniffing around is the dogs’ best interest and Liesbeths’ dog is a living proof of it, you would say she’s a small dog private investigator! They really are the cutest when they walk around the city. She grabs an ice cream and they head for the beach. When they pass by a coffee place they get spotted by two boys having a drink on the terrace, and guitars laid on the chairs next to them. One of the guys is Antony, who also has a dog sitting by him, and he follows Liesbeth with his look as she’s passing by them with her dog. Another guy from the table tease Antony as it’s so obvious he likes the girl that has just passed by. He smiles and lifts his shoulders, almost saying “What can you do?”.

Oh, the beautiful beach of Oostend. Calm sea, crowded sandy beach with carefree people and a beautiful view on the city from the dock. No wonder Liesbeth loves coming here every day. She’s teaching her dog to sit and lie down, but she’s having a hard time. When her dog finally listens to her, some other dog comes from out of nowhere and wants to play with her dog. She’s being caught in surprise and then the owner of the dog comes around to take care of the situation. He apologizes for the dog harassment and approaches to meet her. “I’m Antony” he says. She responds “Liesbeth”, “Nice to meet you”. They talk while their doggies play, walking pass the giant red iron structures on the dock, and then they realize the more they talk the more topics they have. He lifts his thumb up, offering to walk her home, and she accepts.

Oostend is a city full of interesting people and different features. There are street players (one of which is Antonys’ friend from the coffee place, Antony greets him and he gives Antony a thumb up for a “good catch” when they pass by), there’s vending machines to test your luck, there’s lots of good take off food and of course, there’s extraordinary chocolate shops. Antony and Liesbeth witness all of it with their dogs, who seem to really love it. The day’s on the fall and it’s about time they separate, when they’re in front of her house. “So, this is my house” she says to him, turning around to be in front of him as they were walking side to side, a bit anxious because she feels he knows she liked two of them hanging out. He asked if they can meet up sometimes and she replied happily “Yes”, approving with her head going up and down. They feel they should do something as they’re leaving, so they have a small uncertain hug, being aware they’re still strangers, though feeling as if they’ve known each other for their whole lives. Antony’s walking away with his dog, as Liesbeth’s going through the front door of her house with her dog… Minutes later Antony’s typing on his phone and remembers he forgot to take Liesbeths’ number. “I’m stupid” he says to himself, knocking on his head with his pointing finger.

It’s a sunset, and it’s night… and the day shows up!

Liesbeth’s alarm clock is ringing! She covers her head with a pillow, protesting against an idea to be awake so soon. As she’s fighting with opening her eyes, she’s touching around on her bed, check out where her dog is, as she’s on the bed every single morning. But, not this morning! She sits on the bed, and her facial expressions tell it’s awkward that her dog’s not around. She goes down the stairs and looks behind the door, in the kitchen, in the living room and in the bathroom. Her dog is missing!!!

She finds the window to be open and figures out the math. The dog has run away. “What now?” she asks herself and has no other choice but to print out the “WANTED” signs, with pictures of her dog and her phone number, and put them around the city. As she’s walking around with a bunch of “WANTED” signs and gluing them wherever she can on the city, her dog’s sniffing her way to her new romance.

Antony’s having a drink with the guys again, in the same coffee place they’ve been to yesterday, while his dog is sitting right next to him. His friends are making fun of him for being stupid enough and forget to take the number of a girl he liked so much. He’s waving his head left and right, admitting he’s done a lethal mistake, and then he changes his look as if he’s seen something really weird. It’s Liesbeths’ dog running closer and closer. He can’t believe his own eyes while he’s stopping his friends in their laughter, saying “It’s Liesbeths’ dog!”. They turn around towards it, and it really is. But, there’s no Liesbeth now and that’s really awkward. But her dog is extremely happy to meet up with his dog. He doesn’t know what to do now, so he takes a walk with both dogs, hoping to find Liesbeth somewhere around, and instead, he finds a “WANTED” sign, and realizes she has lost her dog.

He retypes the number from the sign and lifts his phone to his ear to make a call. Liesbeth, on the other side, takes her cell phone out of her pocket as it started to ring with one hand, while holding the signs with the other. She recognizes Antonys' voice and cannot believe her ears that her dog ran to him. He told her he's at the beach, where they met up. She's running towards them when she sees them, excited and happy to find her dog, and gives a big hug to Antony, then cuddling with her dog. They're caught up in long conversations again and that day she ended up lying on his knees and they kiss while the sun sets down. 



Eliza - work script

Looking on the alarm clock and it shows 7 am, so it’s time to get up! Liesbeth is peeking towards the alarm clock, but Antony’s behind her and he stops the alarm clock from ringing by slamming it with his hand. They’re making out in the bed, as Oostend is waking up. People go their ways through the city, seashores crash onto the beach. Clouds race across the sky. Seems like a simple day as usual, full of joy and love.

Liesbeth, now showing a little belly as she’s pregnant, has to g, so she takes her purse and puts on her jacket, she kisses Antony goodbye and walks out of the house. Antony has a bit of time, so he takes his guitar and starts playing this nice little melody that’s been running around in his head for a while. Next thing you know, a postman comes in front of their house and starts ringing the doorbell. Antony opens the door, and he gets an unusual, official letter. He’s taking it with a bit of suspicion and goes back into the house, holding the letter in his hand. He sits by the table and opens the letter. It’s from the government – ministry of defense, which issues an emergency reaction from everyone who has been in army training. He’s caught in surprise as he didn’t expect anything like that, and it didn’t seem like there will be war or military exercises. He has to apply to the local city hall.

He walks through the city and goes in the city hall. At the same time, Liesbeth comes home, but there’s no one there, so she grabs her laptop and surfs the web a bit, while eating a sandwich. She looks at the monitor, but the letter cover left by Antony takes her attention. She grabs it, and starts feeling anxious as she saw it’s from the ministry of defense. She looks inside, only to find it’s empty, because Antony took it with him in the city hall. Antony comes back home, looking pale and sour, obviously feeling terrible. Liesbeth is at the table, holding the letter and asks him “What’s this all about?”. He doesn’t know what to tell her and covers his head with both hands, pulling them down as if he’s try to wash away the horrendous feeling on his stomach. Looking at her, he says “I… I have to go to war”. Liesbeth is in shock; “What war? What are you talking about?”. He explains her and after a while she snaps at Antony and yells at him, while pointing with her finger at her belly “We’ll have a baby and you’re going into war!?”. They argue and she throws a pillow at him, then symbolically walking away. He’s holding his hands on his face again, and sits on a sofa, trying to figure out what has really happened today.

Liesbeth’s crying on the bed and Antony steps by. He lies next to her and hugs her. She hits him with her elbow, but accepts his hug in the end. They feel exhausted from arguing and fighting and they know this is something they can’t do much about. They hope everything will end up well…

It’s a busy day in Oostend, people walking up and down the street. The church bell is ringing, as it’s knocking on the noon. Antony, dressed in his military suit, and Liesbeth, dressed in her daily clothes, are on the train station, as Antony has to depart for the army. He’s holding his bag in one hand, and Liesbeths’ hand in the other. It’s obvious this is the toughest moments of their lives. They’re looking at the train that Antony will take and start hugging. There’s no way they expected this to ever happen. Liesbeth’s burst into tears as Antony comforts her by gently saying “Everything will be alright, I’ll be home soon”. They slowly separate. The further they move one from another the harder their hands let go of one another. Antony walks away and hops on the train. Liesbeth is left alone.

Liesbeths’ alarm clock is ringing. But she wasn’t even sleeping. She was looking at it and just pounded it to stop irritating her. She takes a walk through the city and ends up on the dock – the place where she met Antony. Countless flashbacks run through her head. The moment they were playing with their dogs. The first, uncertain hug in front of her house. The moment she found her dog with him and was so happy. All the great things they’ve had as they were teenagers in love, now succumbed to what is called the life.

She’s alone at the dock, looking at the sea and at the city. Whole year has passed and now she’s given birth to their baby, small baby girl called Eliza, who’s in a wheel bed.Eliza smiles to her, as if she knew she’s the only thing that can make her happy now. She takes Eliza out of the bed and holds her. Sea is restless behind her, almost trying to tell her to turn around and take a look. So, she did, and who she saws leaves her speechless. It’s Antony, back from the war, still in his uniform, looking at her, unbelieving that he sees her and their baby. They both drop tears and Antony approaches them and hugs them both. They kiss and small Eliza smiles at them...