Heroes of Might and Magic III is the game with an epic OST. It's a masterpiece by Paul Romero and Rob King, published way back in 1999. Basically, the game is filled with so many beautiful themes and sounds it makes you play it, sometimes just because of music. The game is contagious, even today. If you start playing it, you won't get off your computer that easily.

For those who don't know it's a turn based strategy where you have your cities which you build up to grow your army, and your heroes, which wander through the world defeating various monsters to become strong, collect resources and mines, and attach other player's heroes and cities.

There's a theme for each fraction - Dungeon, Castle, Rampart, Conflux, Stronghold, Inferno, Tower, Fortress and Necromancers. You can imagine what each fraction's all about just by closing your eyes and listening to their theme.

Music in the whole game is bringing a very special dimension to the game, and anyone who played Heroes knows how inspiring it is. I learned so much from the orchestration and the composition. Also, this OST is perfect example of how to get the mood of the situation right with the music.