If there's a video game OST that has melodies still ringing in my ear, years after I last time heard them it's Pharaoh. Henry Beckett and Keith Zizza composed this masterpiece of tunes bringing you straight into realms of ancient Egypt. One hour and ten minutes of music performed on traditional Egyptian instruments is a thing to close your eyes and listen to. As a kid trying to make his music I enjoyed redoing some of the pieces on the soundtrack. Later on, they inspired me to write some exotic tunes, also palpable in Through Infinity tracks.

The compositions are so simple, yet so different, harmonic and fit so well with the actual game.

But the funniest thing for me is, the authors probably didn't take these songs to their hearts so much, as titles of the tracks are more functional than theme provoking. "jrj-Hb-sd" is a perfect example of such title! :) 

I like track "Rain" the most, it's mystical with deep atmosphere and can take you places if you let it.

I believe one of the reasons I loved this game was my obsession with pyramids, temples, sphinx and other ancient monuments found in the area of today's Egypt. I can only imagine how magnificant and beautfiul they were at the times they were new, when all the limestone was still on their sides - shining upon the land...