Nobuo Uematsu takes credit for composition of all the tracks featured on both the the Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8 OST, and that's the OST which played a major influence on my music taste and songwriting direction. When I started performing live, I did it on backing tracks, soloing over them. I used to perform a lot of my songs, but I used to play a lot of covers from Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, among many, and then of course Nobuo Uematsu. I managed to find some of the rare footages!

Anyone who ever played video games has heard of Final Fantasy. Especially Final Fantasy 7. It's a legendary RPG, holding an incredible storyline of freedom fighting group Avalanche trying to save the planet. The background of each character slowly opens up during the game, and it's so easy to get attached to each and every one of them. Besides outstanding story and characters, the whole game is packed with brilliant music. I can't recall how many times I've played the game from beginning until the end, discovering all the little secrets there are through all the little side-quests, but I believe the number goes more than fifteen. I was a big fan, obviously!

From the very first intro scene you get the tune which will haunt you 'till the rest of your life. It's almost signature arpeggio sequence of mono synths with delays, backed by beautiful orchestrated melodies...

The music of the game became extremely popular among the fans over the time. There are countless rock renditions of battle songs, and there are beautiful orchestra renditions of heartbreaking tunes like "Aerith Theme", which gets played in the game when one of the main characters, Aerith, gets stabbed by masamune blade and killed by Sephiroth, the main enemy in the game, while she's praying to the Holy, to save the planet from the menace. Nobuo Uematsu also founded a band The Black Mages, which performed Final Fantasy OST's live in rock versions, where he plays keyboards!

This one is a track played when you get to fight in the Battle Arena of FF7, and it's dubbed "Hurry Faster".

This one is a track played on the last battle of FF7, and it's called "Birth Of A God".

I used to play "Still More Fighting", "JENOVA" and "Force Your Way" but I can't find any footages...