It was 2010, when the "Supertalent" show, a Croatian edition of "Got Talent" show, intrigued me and I applied to participate in it. At the time, I was doing many solo guitar gigs, mostly on backing tracks, and I found it a challenge and an opportunity to appear on that show. I remember first going to the audition in Zagreb. It was held in a room in a hotel. Since my performances were always more like a show, I thought "What can they actually see here?". I didn't think I'd pass this stage at all. But, I was wrong...

I got a call few weeks later that I passed the audition and it's time to prepare for the first performance. Now I was excited. I chose to play "The Life", but in a original rock arrangement.

In a way I've been confident in that track and performance, as it always worked great in my gigs. That was being held in beautiful HNK Zagreb. The sound was awesome, also. It was fun playing in front of the judges, yet I somehow knew they'd dig into what I brought up. They all gave me a pass, and it was a big step further in the competition, although I never looked at it that way.

The thing I was searching for in the "Supertalent" show was having a lots of fun on the stage and delivering a memorable performance, but I was also looking to meet new interesting, talented people. I was looking so much in advance it was maybe too much at the time. I saw doing the things at the time I'm doing right now. The vision was always there, it was just about finding the right team and all the other predispositions to make things happen. The show got aired on nationally known TV, which made me a bit more known to the audience. I got a lot of followers and lots of people liked my song. 

At this stage we all got a "mentor", someone to help us bring our performances to a new level. I thought about performing in different ways, and adding a bit of pyrotechnics to the show. Samir Kadribasic, a renowned Croatian producer and former member of a pop band Elemental got assigned to me. He gave me a lot of support on this and introduced me to his studio. The third leg of the show began and it was my turn to spice it up!

The judges loved the performance and opted in for me, but the condition to pass this stage and make it to finals was all up to the audience which placed their voices through dial numbers. That's as far as I got, but I had a great time, met a lot of wonderful people, and began accumulating decent following as a guitarist. 

So, if anyone asked me if they should go for something like that, I'd always say yes. You most likely won't get rich and utterly famous, but you'll be fuller by an amazing experience no one will be able to take away from you. It's all up to you how you build it up from there.