If there's an American prog rock band originating from 80's that I'd like to point out as mesmerizing, inspiring and life changing, it would be Toto. Steve Lukather has been and still is one of the most influencing guitarist on me. His tasty, sometimes unbelievably fast licks, and incredible riff arrangements make him among the most diverse guitarists ever. 

They're the pioneers of writing hit songs arranged in such an involving, progressive, yet memorable style. Just the fact that they've released 18 studio albums and sold 70 million copies of them tells everything. Though the band members were changing over time, the core remained the same. The vibe remained the same, and the feeling remained the same.

I've been to their concert twice. First time in 2012 there was eight of us who went. We took a van and went on a trip to Budapest, Hungary, to enjoy our favorite band. Before the concert, we had a lot of fun around the city, tasting some great food and traditional Hungarian apperitives. I still laugh off seeing the pictures from that show, as I just got my long hair cut off few weeks before, and I had it for around ten years. Oh boy, was it hard to make a hairstyle again!

Toto has so many outstanding songs, and it's really exciting to enter the show, as every time they play something different from their past albums, yet it still sounds fresh. That's the power of mature songwriting and arrangement. Their live production is always top notch, coming from sound quality to visual statements. Also, the way their interact with the crowd if fantastic. Every few minutes you get to hear the whole audience chant and sing the melody they put out. That's exactly what happened in Zagreb on 9th of March, 2018. With presold venue of over 5000 attendants, the show was destined to be something you'd remember for the rest of your life. So, whatever you do, never miss a Toto concert!