We are extraordinarily happy to have finished recording vocal and backing vocal lines for songs "Eliza", "Sight Of An Eagle" and "The Life"!

An animated video for an instrumental song "Aural Spectrum" got released! It's a story with a fictional protagonist and Through Infinity band is taking a special place in the story.

After long time of searching for a singer, Through Infinity announces a renowned all around singer Mario Huljev joining their rows to boost the songs with his majestic, unique voice.

Our drummer, has been a permanent member of Songkillers, which backed up late Croatian funk legend Dino Dvornik. He played with Dino for years, as they've toured all over the world and released several iconic albums.

Music videos for singles "Our Feeling" and "Eliza" finally came to see the light of the day! 

Through Infinity has released the first music video, for an instrumental single "Shine"!

With announcement of some positive changes in Longplay Studio, where we're always more than happy with our sound, we move towards new dimensions of delivering quality.

"The Life" album is available to listeners on Deezer, ever since it's release date; 24th of November, 2017.