Longplay Studio, owned by our keyboardist and producer Tomo Bacurin "Diamond", is now equipped with a brand new SSL AWS 924 Delta console, which allows Through Infinity to put it's releases in the most modern mixing environment.

We've released a music video for our song premiering the singer Mario Huljev, and it's a vocal rendition of a track "Eliza", published on our debut "The Life" album.

We're proud to have our debut music video for an instrumental guitar driven track "Shine" hit one million Youtube views!

We've opened the doors to our humble web shop, where we'll deliver the most to our beloved fans, for the best possible price and their highest satisfaction. 

You can now approach our producer Tomo Bacurin "Diamond" for music production, arrangements, mixing and mastering services on Soundbetter.

Music video for a vocal version of "Eliza" has been filmed in Longplay Studio.

Guitarists Josip Pesut and Antony Reynaert had a masterclass meeting in Oostende, Belgium, to define ways to progress with songwriting and providing more guitar instructional articles for fans on Through Infinity website. 

Songs "The Life", "Eliza" and "Sight Of An Eagle" got their vocal lines, which we're glad to announce by revealing their lyrics.