This winter Antony came up with a great idea to make a randezvous in Innsbruck, Austria, and celebrate the New Year 2018 together. Of course, he brought his family and I took my beloved one to accompany me. Actually, they go there on skiing often, but this was the first time for me to witness the natural beauties Alps hold.

I've been a huge melodic psytrance fan from the beginning of my music exploration days and if we talk about the best of it in modern days, you have to mention Static Movement. Static Movement is made up by Isreali trance master Shahar Shtrikman, who's an incredible composer. The way he approaches this genre of music is filled with tasteful, memorable melodies and powerful beats, surrounded by many layers of electronic nuances. The sound is marvelous, the production is great, and it's no wonder Static Movement inspires each time I'd crank to volume up, listening to it.

If there's an American prog rock band originating from 80's that I'd like to point out as mesmerizing, inspiring and life changing, it would be Toto. Steve Lukather has been and still is one of the most influencing guitarist on me. His tasty, sometimes unbelievably fast licks, and incredible riff arrangements make him among the most diverse guitarists ever. 

It was 2010, when the "Supertalent" show, a Croatian edition of "Got Talent" show, intrigued me and I applied to participate in it. At the time, I was doing many solo guitar gigs, mostly on backing tracks, and I found it a challenge and an opportunity to appear on that show. I remember first going to the audition in Zagreb. It was held in a room in a hotel. Since my performances were always more like a show, I thought "What can they actually see here?". I didn't think I'd pass this stage at all. But, I was wrong...

Nobuo Uematsu takes credit for composition of all the tracks featured on both the the Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8 OST, and that's the OST which played a major influence on my music taste and songwriting direction. When I started performing live, I did it on backing tracks, soloing over them. I used to perform a lot of my songs, but I used to play a lot of covers from Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, among many, and then of course Nobuo Uematsu. I managed to find some of the rare footages!

If there's a video game OST that has melodies still ringing in my ear, years after I last time heard them it's Pharaoh. Henry Beckett and Keith Zizza composed this masterpiece of tunes bringing you straight into realms of ancient Egypt. One hour and ten minutes of music performed on traditional Egyptian instruments is a thing to close your eyes and listen to. As a kid trying to make his music I enjoyed redoing some of the pieces on the soundtrack. Later on, they inspired me to write some exotic tunes, also palpable in Through Infinity tracks.

We don't have so many living legends today, but Max Cavalera definitely is one of them. He's been my inspiration ever since I started to listen to metal music. Sepultura is the iconic metal band, and Soulfly is absolutely the same and I'm a big fan of both.

Chuck Schuldiner is a legendary guitarist and songwriter which influenced my guitar playing, songwriting and composing style the most. He is a pioneer of melodic death metal, as he wrote numerous songs, riffs and melodies for his bands Death and Control Denied.

Heroes of Might and Magic III is the game with an epic OST. It's a masterpiece by Paul Romero and Rob King, published way back in 1999. Basically, the game is filled with so many beautiful themes and sounds it makes you play it, sometimes just because of music. The game is contagious, even today. If you start playing it, you won't get off your computer that easily.

Suikoden and Suikoden 2 are the games which take a big part of my childhood memory. There is something special in that story, in those characters and their relationships, and there's something special about the music. I believe there aren't as touching games today as Suikoden was in it's time. Music for both series has been written by Konami songwriter Miki Higashino. 

I've met Klaas Backers of Glowball Films ( in Belgium, on the wedding of Antony Reynaert. It's not everyday that you end up meeting someone so excited about making movies, videos and commercials. We talked for hours and we exchanged our phone numbers. I really liked Klaas, as he's always positive on creating new things with videos. If you live in Oostend, don't get surprised you see him running around the city or beaches with his camera setup!

I've been a student of Tom Hess Music Corporation for several years, learning about making a music career. I've met so many aspiring musicians, music teachers, entrepreneurs and as much more great, positive thinking people through their forum it's incredible. Once a year that online school provides it's students a Hessfest event, which is like a serie of masterclasses and performances featured in Europe and USA. I believe it was 2009 in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany, where I attended one of Hessfests, and met Antony Reynaert - amazing blues guitarist and music school owner from Oostend, Belgium. We remained close friends ever since. 

I've been thinking and constantly trying to make this album real for around 8 years. We've been recording some songs more than several times, with various musicians, but we haven't managed to finish the album until the perfect team of musicians gathered up and made it happen in 2017. Along the actual music, many artwork ideas crossed my mind. "The Life" album itself is a story about emotional, mental and spiritual creation and destruction.

One day, right before mastering the album, I was walking around my house, and one of my mom's paintings caught my eyes' attention...