"(Overcome) The Arpeggio World" guitar instructional e-book


Josip wrote a guitar instructional e-book "(Overcome) The Arpeggio World", covering the topic of learning and implementing arpeggio phrases in solos and compositions. The reason he wrote the book are vast opportunities evolving from arpeggios - a sequence of notes from a certain chord or mode. His playing and songwriting style uses many different approaches of playing arpeggios. It also involves various techniques introduced by 90's guitarists, packed in a melodic and tasteful riffs or melodies.

May it be legato, directional or sweep picking, or even tapping, he's always looking for a way to execute meaningful ideas in an arranged solution for a specific piece of a song, in whatever genre it may be. Being an open minded musician, he's always learning to implement his musical knowledge in a different way, and constantly looking for a way to improve. He wrote (Overcome) The Arpeggio World as a catalyst of his discoveries, and as a path to creating interesting, exciting and uplifting guitar licks.

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It's an idea of using the least possible amount of pick motions to achieve more speed. The technique itself is really simple; 1st motion is a downstroke of first note (on string any other than first) and the 2nd motion is an upstroke of note on lower string, and sweep of the following note on same string on which your first note was.

You might have difficulties with the sweep part, so isolate that particular part and practice it until the notes are clear and their tone full. I suggest you to practice these exercises along with metronome. Here is a basic exercise to help you overcome this technique:



You can implement this technique on any scale you want, and progress your runs on as much strings as you like. For beginning, start from root note, and once you got the technique in your fingers, improvise in all modes you know. I came up with a couple of interesting runs. Once you learn each individually, you can try and combine them!

I strongly advise you (as I always do), to not take these exercises only as they are.

Take your scales and licks and implement! You will be surprised of how exotic it will sound!