We've got Buzz Music blog write about our latest single release - music video "The Sight Of An Eagle".

The editor seems to have enjoyed our work, as the blog expresses the joy of listening the organic, natural instrumentation we've arranged in the song. We tried to surround the powerful vocals of our singer with a convincing melodic lines and a solid groove, and it managed to catch the ear of the reviewer. Here's a bit of what they say in the review:

What I love most about this song is the showcasing of the flute which is really rare in the current norm of trendy bands. The most unique characteristic of the song and the group is the fact that they don’t just use your average instruments you will find in an everyday band. Instrumental music is such a broad genre of many diverse instruments that creates beautiful sounds yet we rarely ever hear them in music if it’s not computerized. So the appreciation of a natural instrumental sound is always going to be expressed with gratitude! “The Sight of an Eagle” is an augmentative tune sure to grasp your attention and soothe your mood.

You can find the full review on their website - Buzz Music.