Rebecca Cullen, the editor and reviewer of an online music magazine Stereo Stickman has once again dropped by to do an insight on our latest release "The Sight Of An Eagle".

As she's already been introduced to the song, but in an instrumental edition, she got pretty surprised with how the song worked out with vocals, and in a positive way. She enjoys the fact that we're exploring different ways to express ourselves, and tend to do it in a concincing matter, both musically and visually, with a breathtaking scenery in a music video. Here's a bit of what she said about the single:

To coincide with the single, the accompanying video offers some breath-taking visuals – furthering the slight medieval twang that comes with the band’s music, but mostly reinforcing the central sentiments of the song itself. You also get to witness the band performing, which increases their passionate presence and again underlines their connection to what they offer. All in all, this is a huge effort from Through Infinity, crossing borders between genres but always driving with heart and thoughtful songwriting. There are more than a few stand out riffs and moments within the piece to keep listeners coming back for more.

You can read the full review on Stereo Stickman e-zine.