Australian e-zine Broken8records wrote a throughout dedicated review of our single "The Sight Of An Eagle".

The editors enjoyed the vibe we've filled in the song and the message it portrays through musical and visual statement. They adore the scenery we chose for the music video, and the powerful concept of strong Mario's voice and melodic instrument orchestration. Here's a bit of what they wrote:

A lavish combination of orchestrated music infused with elements of progressive rock and vivid electronics, ‘The Sight Of An Eagle’ is a track that is perfect represented by its accompanying music video. Built on footage of the stunning Croatian South Velebit Natural Park and Zrmanja Canyon, the scenery matches the power of the track, adding impact to the heartfelt message that lies within the piece.
A song that at its core is about the wrong that man do, the self-interest, and the part of human nature that is capable of running over everything for material gain. It’s a unique track for the band, arriving as a ‘vocal edition’ of an instrumental track that first surfaced on their debut album. Impressively, the track has been recreated faithfully, with the vocals adding to the textures of the song rather than eclipsing it, and the arching harmonies of the track enhanced by Huljev’s vocals.
Almost classical, medieval in tone, ‘The Sight Of An Eagle’ is an unique take on modern music that is empowered by it’s Eastern European roots. It’s well-orchestrated, paced to create both entertainment and impact, and polished to a sharp, anthemic point.
You can read the full review on Broken8records website.