An online music blog just published a detailed, honest review of our latest single "The Sight Of An Eagle" and a short interview with Josip Pešut. 

So far, our recently released music video receives positive critics from all sides. Fans like how we've managed to build up the story on another level with our singer Mario Huljev, new viewers get astonished by the amazing scenery in the video and the great effort of the video production team, and the industry sees this as a doorstep to receive the space in our field they believe we deserve. But in reality, we just wanted to do the best we can in the studio, and bring the song to life with a video filmed on locations we're personally attached to.

The Bandcamp Diaries had their first opportunity to meet us and they obviously enjoyed what we did. They are among those who see Đulijana's flute performance as a unique touch in the sea of newly released music;

“The Sight Of An Eagle” is a really good example of the band’s creative vision and uncompromising approach. The band is able to create exciting textures and intriguing arrangements, which are often ever-evolving and dynamic, making for a really deep and interesting feel. One of the most distinctive elements of the band’s music is definitely their ability to enhance typically rock textures with other elements, such as the flute, performed expertly by the talented Dulijana Alimoski, who brings a decidedly unique touch to the sound of the band.

Besides comparing us to Toto and Dream Theater, they've given a praise to our creative potential;

These talented musicians know how to bounce off each other’s skills and ideas, often featuring stunning combination of each member’s various influences, creating a sound that feels extremely direct and forward-thinking in many respects. This is definitely a labor of love, and ’The Sight Of An Eagle” is definitely a strong studio effort, which highlights the band’s prowess and enthusiasm for their undying craft.

After the review the blog editor had a brief interview with our guitarist and founder Josip Pešut;

I love how you manage to render your tracks so personal and organic. Does the melody come first, or do you focus on the beat the most?


As a guitarist, I tend to make guitar based arrangement demo first. Then we go to the studio and the drummer records his parts before anyone else. He lays the foundations down, before we start recording either guitars or bass lines. Then I build up the vocal melody and write the lyrics. It’s incredible how much the chemistry band has creatively. We often have no rehearsals for new songs we’re recording, as everything just falls into place during the process.

Do you perform live? If so, do you feel more comfortable on a stage or within the walls of the recording studio?


Each member of a band is a professional musician, and some are renowned in the region, such as our drummer, Damir Somen, who has played with almost every national pop star. We’re building our following so we can start performing as Through Infinity, and as a band we’re currently more comfortable in the studio, but in reality, we’re ready for absolutely anything.

If you could only pick one song to make a “first impression” on a new listener, which song would you pick and why?


I suggest the new listeners go to the music video of  “The Sight Of An Eagle”. It’s a song which has a strong musical and visual statement, and I believe anyone can recognise it.

What does it take to be “innovative” in music?


For us, it means being as diverse as possible in terms of song arrangements. Their genre, complexity or sometimes simplicity, instrumental expression and powerful vocal lines and adequate lyrics.

Any upcoming release or tour your way?


We’re quite ambitious when it comes to making new releases. We published an all instrumental album “The Life” last year, and we hope to finish vocal editions of several songs from that album, along with some new one, in the album which we’ll dub “The Afterlife”. Quite symbolic, ain’t it?

Simultaneously, we’re on the way to finish the recording of a double album featuring 24 new songs. It’s something totally different than we imagined we’d ever do, and that’s something to have a special interview about someday...


Read the full review and interview on The Bandcamp Diaries website.