Freelance music journalist Alex Faulkner gave our single "Shine" 8.9 out of 10 points.

Faulkner compared the song to the works of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yanni and The Black Mages. He likes our approach with focus on musical synergy, rather than individual virtuosity, and predicts we'll build up our fanbase quickly with this kind of effort.

It's an accomplishment the press spotted the similarities between us and our influences. 

"Through Infinity are a Croatian new age instrumental progressive rock band, with a multinational personnel. The band was founded in 2017 by Josip Pesut (guitars & electronics), with Tomo Bacurin (keyboards and producer) and Tomislav Lackovic (bass) forming the core of the group. As recording progressed they added other members; drummer Damir Somen, guitarist Antony Reynaert, and traditional instruments/woodwinds courtesy of Safiudin Alimoski and daughter Dulijana.

This track Shine is taken their debut album The Life, which was a long time in coming to final fruition and contains eleven tracks. Shine is a perfect showcase for the band’s unique sound and musical abilities. You can detect the influence of great guitarists like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, as well as the instrumental music of artists like Yanni and the Japanese instrumental band The Black Mages.

Starting with swirling synths, combined with powerful bursts of guitar and drums, its first main section centres around a rolling bassline and syncopated drums. A sparse guitar line weaves over the top, then becomes much more expansive in the second section, which rhythmically alternates between halftime and full time. There is some mellifluous high-end lead guitar, which is tightly structured and melodic rather than a gratuitous display of virtuosity.

This progresses to sections where synth and bass play in tandem then combine with the guitars in glorious harmony. The drumming throughout is superb, full of nuance and tasteful fills. integrating perfectly with the rest of the music. Through Infinity understand that there is more musical power in synergy rather than individual virtuosity, though the whole group are extremely accomplished musicians.

Overall, Through Infinity are master practitioners of their craft and have set the bar very high with this instrumental single. As their significant popularity on YouTube suggests (circa 300,000 views for this track), there is a massive fanbase for high quality new age progressive rock and Through Infinity have carved a stylistic niche of their own. I expect their success and fanbase to increase exponentially with every further release."

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