A webzine "Calling All Gigs" published an article titled "Through Infinity is all about new age rock and deep storytelling", also promoting our singles "Only Time Will Tell (Eliza)", "Shine" and "Sight Of An Eagle".

They gave some praising words about us on their website, and they like our approach of having elements of hard rock and heavy metal in a totally relaxing and ear-pleasant vibe. We've experimented with totally contrasting genres and we're happy to see the critics and listeners in general spot the difference we're trying to achieve.

We also realized it's an interesting fact to the press that we're a band consisting of members coming from many countries and are in a way distant-related, creative group. All we can say is that it's exciting to work this way as the most of chemistry happens during the actual recording process, as there are almost no rehearsals beforehand. Take a listen to our singles "Calling All Gigs" is promoting;

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