Full-time Stereo Stickman webzine music journalist Rebecca Cullen wrote again about Through Infinity, this time about our single "Only Time Will Tell (Eliza)".

It's an amazing thing to build up a kind of relationship with professional bloggers, as they are already introduced to our work in previous publishings. Rebecca wrote about our single, which she said she loved and had as a favorite on our instrumental debut album "The Life".

She caught up many details of our songwriting and arranging patterns, saying;

"Only Time Will Tell combines instrumental smoothness and delicacy with the weight and intensity of human emotion. The performance and the melody work hard to wrap the song’s sentiments around you." 

The song is about pure, unconditional love for your child, and Mario Huljev's input to the it as a singer played a big deal in the emotional heaviness of the song, and the reviewer spotted the difference, expressing with words of praise;

"The singer is fantastic, bringing the thick, powerful vocals of classic rock to a gentle and emotional soundscape. It works perfectly, in my opinion, and the song has an incredibly memorable hook now – that key line repeats towards the end in a hypnotic and easy recognisable manner. Well worth a few listens with the volume right up."

We'd like to thank Stereo Stickman webzine for having us as guests on their rated blog once again, and we're glad they enjoyed our new single, as we can't wait to deliver much more in the near future! Read the full review on Stereo Stickman website!